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About company

About company

The company «Intelligent audio and video technology» (trade mark AV Production) is a manufacturer of equipment for switching, conferencing systems, control systems and fixtures.

Despite the fact that the «Intelligent audio and video technology» — young Russian producer, behind it a long history. Developments of which were born at the moment the four equipment lines, began in the framework of the Department of Innovation «Atanor» (Now Atanor Group companies). All devices AV Production — this is the result of many years of experience in installations and finding the best solutions for complex projects in the field of audio-visual integration. Already tested and launched into production models is constantly being improved to meet the wishes of our customers.

One of the distinguishing features of all lines AV Production — the maximum integration with the majority of equipment manufacturers. We pay special attention, because they themselves are well aware of how many difficulties may occur when the device is not compatible, which are necessary for installation. In addition, in case of need, we are ready to respond quickly to customer demand and expand the functions of individual equipment for your project.

«Intelligent audio and video technology» cooperates only with well-proven and reliable Russian and foreign manufacturers of components and ensures reliability and high quality of all products, compliance with all technical features, comfort and ease of operation.

AV Production offers several lines of equipment:

 AVP_congress  AVP_control  AVP_switch  AVP_mount
 Conference systems  Control systems Switching equipment  Bracing and Supports for audio and video equipment

On our site you can find both the equipment itself, and download all the required accompanying materials: User instructions, photographs, wiring diagrams.